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Korisnik Tonko Jursky pozvao vas je na događaj LPC Event # 113: Spirit koji organizira Landscape Photography Community

LPC Event # 113: Spirit
Korisnik Tonko Jursky pozvao vas je na događaj LPC Event # 113: Spirit koji organizira Landscape Photography Community
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LPC Event #113: Spirit

NOTE: Theme for this event is "Spirit". Your contribution should be a landscape photograph that depicts your vision of Spirit.

Special Rules:
1. Share your landscape photograph that displays the theme.
2. In a comment on the photograph tell us about this photograph. Where is this place located? What were you trying to achieve? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? We want to know the details about your photograph. THE COMMENT IS REQUIRED. You will have 1 hour after posting your entry to include an appropriate comment. Those entries without an appropriate comment one hour after posting WILL BE REMOVED.
3. Other participants will be discussing on your post and asking you questions. Please join the discussion on other photographs as well.
4. This event is all about PARTICIPATION and DISCUSSION. Please don't post a photo and leave. The LPC reserves the right to remove photos without your comment.

General Rules:
1) Your photo MUST be ORIGINAL. If you post the work of someone else, you will be removed from the event.
2) You MUST have complete EXIF data for your photo. Within the event, select your photo and view it large. Look for the "Photo Details" on the right. It should be complete with the date the photo was taken, camera and lens information, ISO, f stop, speed etc. Photos that don't have complete EXIF data in Photo Details will be removed. Others will learn from seeing what you have done.
3) Only ONE photograph per person is allowed. If you submit more than one photo, all of your photos will be removed.
4) Circle the +Landscape Photography Community page.
5) Photos must be posted no later than Monday, October 23, 2017, 3 pm CDT. Those posted after that time will be removed. You have two full weeks to post your photograph.
6) Moderator favorites will be shared to the +Landscape Photography page. Circle the moderators and engage them in conversation. You will learn lots from them!!
7) Moderators of the +Landscape Photography Community +Landscape Photography Show and +Landscape Photography themes may participate.
8) Technical Requirements: Enable "sharing" on your photo. If it receives honors, we want to be able to share it!! Enable "comments" on your photo. We want to say how great it is!! Enable "plus ones" so everyone can give it a big plus!!

Feel free to leave positive encouraging comments on the entries at any time. You know our photographers will love the attention. Engage in conversation and see what you can learn!! AFTER October 23, 3 pm CDT (when the event ends) and BEFORE Monday, October 30 at noon CDT, you may add another comment and include the hashtag, #LPCFavorite on five of your most favorite photographs!! Remember there MUST be a comment with the hashtag. Otherwise, it doesn't count. Those with lots of votes will be shared to the +Landscape Photography page !!!
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